Family and Community FAQs

Continued Learning through Remote Learning

I am ready for my child to return to school. When will schools reopen? 

Schools will not reopen for the remainder of this school year. The last day of remote learning for this academic year is June 19, 2020. 


Completing assignments on cracked tablets, phones and sharing with 3 or more children-when will technology be available. 

Our deployment dates for high school students are : April 21st, April 22nd, and April 24th. We anticipate the deployment of K-8 devices during the weeks of 4/27 and 5/4. Additional deployment dates and information can be found here:


Will all students have access to a laptop? 

Yes, all students in K-12 will be given a district Chromebook or laptop to support remote learning. Families have been informed of the high school deployment plan via social media. In addition, leaders and teachers have communicated the plan to students. To ensure that all families  are aware, robocalls and texts will go out daily. Devices will be given out to high school  students during the week of 4/20, followed by K-8 schools in the  subsequent weeks. 

Other schools have a virtual library on their website will this pandemic prompt Camden to provide students the same. 

Currently, we have an online learning resource hub for parents on the District’s webpage. It is located under the Access Free Online Books tab. 


In addition, we have been working with the Communications Department and schools to provide online mini lessons by teachers to support students.  Lessons have been created by grade- band in core content areas and special area classes. Mini lessons will be shared via social media and Channel 19. 

I am a parent of a child with special needs and my child receives special accommodations and/or modifications. I am concerned that my child is not feeling successful with remote learning. What can I do to help them?

Please contact your child’s case manager or use  the link below to contact the Special Education Lead Educator for the school your child attends. Special Education Central Office Contacts 

Will provisions be made for students who did not receive packets and/or don’t have access to the internet? 

Prior to the school closure, remote learning packets were prepared by teachers and distributed by homeschools. In addition, the  School Support team created remote learning packets available at feeding sites throughout the city. Feeding sites include Camden High, Woodrow Wilson, Wiggins, CAMVA and Yorkship. 


Teachers are required to check in with 4 students per day, all students per week. Families and students  are able to submit work online and/or take pictures and text remote work to teachers. In addition, classroom teachers support students using Classroom Dojo and Google Classroom. 


We will distribute laptops on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All students in K-12 will receive devices. Each site will be equipped with  guidance about a Comcast program to support students without internet access. 

Please provide parents information on the 180 Student Day Requirement. 

During the Covid-19 related closure, the district is providing students with remote learning via packets and online learning. Each remote learning day is counted towards the district’s compliance with the 180-day requirement. Currently, the academic calendar has not changed.

Questions about Grading, State Testing, Graduation, and School Events

Since statewide testing was canceled for this year will Camden think about doing away with this test for good?

Even though the Department of Education cancelled the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (“NJSLA”) for the current year based on the statewide school closures, we believe it is unlikely they will do so in future years.  As the administration of the NJSLA is a statutory requirement, CCSD will not be able to do away unless there is a permanent change in the law.


What provisions will be made to submit completed assignments? 

Teachers are required to check in with a minimum of four students per day. The goal is to check-in with all students per week. The School Support team has created a tracker to help teachers and leaders to monitor participation, work completion, and point of contact(s). Families and students  are able to submit work online and/or take pictures and text remote work to teachers. 


Because this is not my child's ordinary learning environment, will my child fail or be retained  if he/she does not meet the demands of the school due to the  family having limited resources? 

Weekly check-ins with families help teachers to assess and meet the needs of students. Accommodations will continue to be made for families with limited resources. Students will not fail or be retained for not meeting the online learning  demands. 


What is the grading policy for the fourth marking period? 

Like many districts across New Jersey, we are hopeful that the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) will provide all districts with the appropriate guidance regarding grading policies and procedures for the fourth marking period. 


We will share  updates as we receive guidance from the NJDOE. 


Now that the district will be closed for the rest of this school year, what will be done to acknowledge our seniors?

We know that graduation is incredibly important to the students and most certainly their families. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has forced us to think differently about ceremonies and celebrations that consist of more than 10 people. As a district, we want to honor and celebrate our seniors. We are currently working on various opportunities to celebrate our seniors. Standby for more information. 

Questions about Enrollment and Registration 

My family is new to Camden, New Jersey. We have school-aged children and would like to enroll them in a traditional district school. How can I do that while the schools are currently closed? 

To enroll your child in a traditional district school, you can visit

Continued Learning through Remote Learning

The digital divide is far greater than just students not having laptops, how will the District address the digital divide?

The digital divide is more than just an access issue to technology; rather there are other factors at play; including, information accessibility and how the information is utilized. 


The District is exploring the option of using Chanel 19 to broadcast lessons on a daily basis.  In addition to that, we are continuing to post information on our website, and teachers are connecting with at least four students per day by phone.  Many teachers are using Class Dojo and Google Classroom to connect with students. 


How do we support students who do not learn well without an educator on site now that we are likely moving to a completely online platform? 

Now more than ever, we know and understand the value of teachers around the world. We value the daily guidance and structure that teachers provide to our students. In the current situation we find ourselves, students all across the State and nation are home and not in a physical school building. While we cannot replace the physical instruction and guidance that our teachers provide each day, our teachers will be accessible to students daily to support remote learning through phone calls and video chats. 


I am a student who uses my cell phone for remote learning; however, it is becoming frustrating to complete my work with just a cell phone. 

We understand that having your cell phone crash during an online lesson can be frustrating.  As we begin to deploy Chromebooks, completing and submitting assignments will be easier. Teachers are working closely with their students and are being flexible with the way in which students can submit work.  We encourage students (and parents) to reach out to your teacher if you have concerns and questions about submitting your assignments. 


When will additional work packets be provided for students who have completed the first two weeks of assignments?  

Academic plans will be released on April 1st via our website and through the digital platforms teachers are currently using. If you are in need of printed materials, please contact your child’s teacher.  All of the resources are digital and linked in the plans.    


I am looking forward to receiving learning materials via Channel 19. However, if I do not have Comcast, what channel would we find the TV station?

Students will be able to receive virtual lessons in a variety of ways. Comcast is channel 19; Verizon is channel 30. All videos are also posted on the District’s YouTube and FaceBook pages. 


My child recently got incarcerated, how can I get his work?

Student and/or parent should reach out to Ms. Genesis Polanco at or Ms. Cammie Nathaniel at When contacting these individuals, identify the student’s name and name of school. Ms. Polanco and Ms. Nathaniel will coordinate with the school counselor to receive remote work assignments. 

Questions about Grading, State Testing, Graduation, and School Events

What will the grading policy be for the third marking period? 

All students will receive the grades they earned for the third marking period. The grading for the third marking period will follow the District’s normal grading policy. 


The third marking period ends on April 8, 2020.  Parents will be able to view student’s third marking period grades using the Parent portal for Genesis by April 27. To access your child’s grades, follow these instructions.  (in English and Spanish) If you have any questions about how to access the grades, you can contact your school’s Family Operations Coordinator. 


What is the grading policy for the fourth marking period? 

Like many districts across New Jersey, we are hopeful that the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) will provide all districts with the appropriate guidance regarding grading policies and procedures for the fourth marking period. 


We will share  updates as we receive guidance from the NJDOE. 


Normally, I know my child is getting ready for state testing, the New Jersey Standardized Learning Assessment during the spring months. Is that testing still going to happen? 

In a letter to all district schools across New Jersey, Commissioner Repollet indicated that all state testing would be canceled for the 2019-2020 school year. Here is what that means for students: 

  • Cancellation of statewide assessments will not prevent students from meeting their graduation assessment requirements.

  • The NJDOE will make the NJSLA available in the summer or fall for current high school freshman, sophomores, and juniors (and middle school students taking high-school level courses) who may want to use the NJSLA high school assessments to meet their graduation assessment requirements.

  • Current juniors and sophomores also have access to the menu of alternate assessments (the PSAT, SAT, etc.) and the portfolio appeal process as pathways to complete their graduation assessment requirement.

What will happen to school events such as the prom and field trips?

In compliance with Executive Order 104, signed by Governor Murphy on March 16, 2020, and readopted by Executive Order 107, signed on March 21, 2020, all elementary and secondary schools, including charter and renaissance schools, are to remain closed to students for as long as these Orders remain in effect.  


To this end, if the schools remain closed until the end of the school year, there will be no further school programming or events, such as the prom and field trips, for the 2019-2020 school year. However, if the Governor lifts the Executive Orders and allows the resuming of schools, we will provide further guidance to all students and families at that time. 


I am a student that needs to submit a graduation appeal? How does the district closure impact me?

Seniors who require an appeal will still need to fulfill that requirement for graduation. At this time, the NJDOE is extending the submission deadline; however, this extension date has yet to be announced.  


We are working on a plan to have students complete the appeals remotely and waiting for further guidance from the NJDOE on the new electronic submission process. We will continue to keep students and families abreast of any updates concerning graduation appeals. 


What will happen with seniors graduating? How will the district closure affect graduation? 

While graduations as we know them have always been live and in-person where everyone can come together to celebrate the graduates, we may not be able to provide a graduation ceremony in the same way. However, we want all of our seniors to experience graduation. The district is currently working on creative solutions through virtual platforms that will allow our seniors to experience graduation. Be on the lookout for more information to come.  


What should a parent do who is currently holding the money collected from a school fundraiser? 

If you are a parent volunteer who collected money for your school’s fundraiser AND you currently still have the money, you must contact your school leader immediately. You and the school leader must work out an arrangement to have the money submitted to the business office ASAP. 


My school held a fundraiser before the district closed. How can I get my money back or the goods I paid for?

If you participated in a fundraiser before the District closed on March 16 for students and you have not received the goods you paid for, we encourage you to contact your school’s Family Operations Coordinator. 


I am a student that needs working papers. How can I get my documents signed and certified?

While the district is closed, working papers will be processed, signed and certified every Friday from 10AM - 12PM at the Central Office located at 1033 Cambridge Street.

Working papers will not be processed unless (1) the physician section of the form is completely filled out and (2) the student has an “Essential Worker” letter issued by the student’s employer. 

We will be working on processing working papers electronically - more details will be shared soon. 

Questions about access to meals

Will students have access to meals during the District’s spring break (April 13-17)? 

It was previously announced that the district would not provide meals during spring break; however, after much work and advocacy, we are excited to announce that meals will be provided during spring break. 


The meal sites during spring break will be as follows: 


  • Camden High, 1875 Park Blvd., 08103

  • Camden’s Pride, 897 North 31st St., 08105

  • Camden’s Promise, 879 Beideman Ave., 08105

  • Camden Academy Charter High School, 250 Federal St., 08105

  • Coopers Poynt, 201 State St., 08102 (Food Truck: 10 AM – 11 AM)

  • Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, 990 Morgan Blvd., 08104

  • Dudley Family School, Berwick St., 08105 (Food Truck: 11:30-12:30)

  • Katz Dalsey, 3098 Pleasant St., 08105

  • KIPP Lanning Square, 525 Clinton St., 08103 (Only distributing on Monday, April 13th)

  • Uncommon/Camden Prep, 1575 Mt. Ephraim, 08104

  • Wiggins, 400 Mt. Vernon St., 08103

  • Woodrow Wilson High School, 3101 Federal St., 08105

  • Yorkship, 1251 W Collings Ave., 08104


I am unable to pick up food from the meal sites, what is the best way to get a meal?

If you are unable to get to a meal site to pick up food call the Solutions Center at 856-966-2507. A staff member will work with you to ensure you have access to the meals. 

Questions about Enrollment and Registration 

I am currently considering different school options for my school-aged children. Will parents be provided additional time to accept or change schools using Camden Enrollment? 

Camden Enrollment will extend the main round of enrollment to April 10. 2020. This extension will hopefully provide families the additional time to submit applications for the 2020-2021 school year. You can visit the Camden Enrollment website at for more information. 


My family is new to Camden, New Jersey. We have school-aged children and would like to register them in a traditional district school. How can I do that while the schools are currently closed? 

At this point in time we are working on creating an online process where families can complete registration and submit required documents.  We hope for an option to be available in the near future. Continue to visit the district website for updates to this process.

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