Program Information

Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of Post Secondary and Career Technical Education is to provide students with opportunities to develop career interests/skills through school, work and community based experiences that will prepare them for the world of work/and or post-secondary education or training.
The mission is based on the NJ Workplace Readiness Standards, Goals 2000, the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 and the following beliefs:
  • Students will achieve high academics and technical skills through the integration of academics with their vocational/technical training.
  • Students will prepare for post-secondary education and high-wage, high-skill careers.
  • Students will learn academics and develop career skills through their planned planned program of technical/vocational courses and academic studies.
  • Students will develop career skills through on-site workplace experiences through cooperative education, internships, and apprenticeship programs.
  • Students will become knowledgeable about a wide range of careers, post-secondary and appropriate training through exploring lifelong learning options.
  • Students will develop safety and self management skills through in school technical training and career-related work experience.
  • Students will develop the skills to use technology to access and retrieve information efficiently.
  • Students will develop a positive attitude toward work.
Expected Learning Outcomes
The programmatic approach by Camden City Public Schools Office of Post Secondary and Career Technical Education is to prepare students for future work, post-secondary education and lifelong learning by providing a bridge for moving students through academics and work experiences with skills necessary for future success. All students completing the program will be prepared to exhibit the following competencies:
  • Demonstrate academic, project and product preparedness.
  • Develop a career plan including tentative plans for post-secondary articulated programs and the world of work.
  • Exhibit employability skills and occupational skills that are common to multiple occupations and clustered disciplines.
  • Demonstrate reliable work behavior in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate occupational skills developed through structured learning experiences, such as volunteer, community service, and work-based experiences.
  • Demonstrate skills needed to effectively use technology.
  • Identify and utilize resources effectively.
Performance Assessment Indicators
  • Portfolios
  • Community Service
  • Project/Product Development
  • Employability Skills Ratings(SCANS)
  • Student Self-Assessment
  • Internships/Apprenticeships Evaluations
  • Standardized Tests (SAT, HSPA, CTBS)
  • Attendance
  • Occupational Competency Tests
  • Post STW College/Job Placements
  • Use of Technology
Key Components of the Program
What happens in the classroom
  • Core academics instruction demonstrates the relationship between school and work
  • Core academics instruction is delivered in ways that promote the development of necessary work skills (Secretary's Achieving Necessary Skills)
  • Skills development courses reflect industry/business workplace practices
What happens in the workplace
  • On-site Workplace experience opportunities are provided to students. They include paid and unpaid internships, mentoring, job shadowing, field trips, speakers and related activities.
  • Tenth to twelfth grade students are provided workplace learning opportunities with public and private employers in the area of their career interest.
Employers and educators work together
  • Employers are actively involved with schools in the development of programs and curriculum and new teaching strategies to ensure that youth develop skills and knowledge needed to be successful in a career.
  • Industry skills standards will be identified in each occupational/skills area in order to certify student's knowledge and abilities.
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